Every blogger must need to learn about their competitors and analyze their data regularly. Because it’s most important to monitoring your blog and ranking regularly. SmallSeoTools helps to enjoy these features easily and without cost. Because they brings lot’s online SEO tools for blogger and that enough for your blogging success.

As a newbie blogger, you can’t have enough budget or idea about competitors analysis. But it’s most important and must for Search Engine Optimization strategies. If you mistake here, you can’t success on blogging and unable to drive traffic from Google.

What is SmallSEOTools?

SmallSeoTools is the most popular all in one SEO software which helps to analyze competitors. You can track rank, keyword density, find long tail keywords and many more things from here. They offer everything at free of cost and that’s perfect to analysis everything to start your blogging.

If you really want to start your SEO and analyze your main competitors, then you must use following tools regularly.

1. Plagiarism Checker

Having unique and fresh content most important for blogging. Because it’s increase ranking fast and drive lot’s traffic from Search Engine. But if you writing duplicate contents, then you got penalty and lose your ranking. In fact, you also lost your money and waste time also.


This is one of the most popular and best free plagiarism checker tool. After writing your blog articles, just copy and paste here and simply detect your whole content. If there have any plagiarism content found, then rewrite and make whole content as fresh.


2. Article Rewriter

Many blogger doesn’t know that old content most important for ranking. If you update them and index again, they can get more traffic than latest articles. You can use this article rewriter tool for making your old posts fresh and updated and index fast. However, you also can make copyscape articles as unique using this software.

3. Grammar Checker

In the Google’s recent algorithm update, they clearly notice that, Grammar mistakes can harms ranking. If you are not known perfect grammar, then you must need to use best grammar checker tool and fix the errors. SmallSeoTools offers to check grammar without cost and you can rewrite it from here. Because they helps to solve your grammatical problems and helps to boost ranking.

4. Word Counter

Number of quality words in single article, most important part of SEO. Because long articles rank better than short articles. If you write any contents, you must need to check their length using best word counter tool and it’s best solution for you. You just choose this tool and paste your content and get the length of the content.


5. Image Compression

If you have too long size images in posts, it’s harms your loading speed and lost ranking. Because Google clearly notice that page speed most important part of ranking. If you optimize blog images properly, then it’s drive lot’s traffic from Google. Using this image compressor software, you can reduce image file size and make your website ultra fast.

6. Keyword Position Tracker

Every blogger dream to rank their website on Google’s top 10 position. Because it’s most important step of blogging and SEO. If you have blog and want to track your keyword position, then you can choose this tool. Because it’s shown real time position with current and previous position also. You can check up to 5 keywords in same time and find their rankings easily.

7. Keywords Suggestion Tools

Short form keywords best for ranking and they helps to drive huge traffic. But you can’t rank single keywords as newbie. So you must need to use keyword suggestion tools to find Latent Semantic Keywords. Because they helps to find the low competitive keywords and rank better then short words. It’s helps to boost your newbie blog ranking and increase authority also.

8. Broken Link Checker

On-Page Optimisation most important thing in blogging and it’s rank your blog alone. But if you have some dealinks in your posts or pages, then your ranking will decrease and lost position on search engine. You can choose this free deadlink checker tool to find which links are broken and solve them immediately. I’ve you will be success quickly using this formula.

9. Backlink Checker

In the SEO, link building strategies one of the important step of blogging. If you already build backlinks for your blog, then must need to check them. Because learning the accurate backlinks from good source, another success chapter. Backlink indexing most important and it’s boost ranking quickly. If you doesn’t have indexes links, then you won’t boost ranking anyway. So, this tool helps to detect your indexes keywords and make your confidence lot.

10. XML Sitemap Generator

Until submitting your blog sitemap file to Google, they can’t access your blog. You must create an updated sitemap file for search engine bot. Because it helps to index your whole blog and visit regularly. This XML sitemap maker helps to create an excellent and latest sitemap for your blog and helps to submit in Google. Just use this, put your website link and then generate an smart sitemap.

11. Alexa Rank Checker

You can compare your blog ranking to other blog and alexa.com helps to detect your blog global-local ranking. Alexa ranking not important for SEO but it’s still important for every blogger. Knowing your blog accurate search volume, keyword position, competitors and many more things helps to boost your blog performance. Using this free alexa ranking checker tool impressive for your blog analysis.

12. Domain Authority Checker

In SEO, Domain Authority (DA) one of the greatest thing which release by Moz. If your blog DA is more than 30, then it’s excellent for ranking. Because Moz gives your blog DA ranking by analysis backlinks strategies, social sharing and content quality. Using this DA checker, you can easily find your real time DA position and more things at a time.


Success bloggers using premium software for blogging and they rank their blog. But SmallSeoTools helps to learn everything about blogging without cost. Following tools are most important for beginners and they can improve their ranking without advanced level knowledge. Just use them properly and success in blogging.