Having a free SSL certificate most important for blog security and also for SEO ranking. In the previous day, blogger doesn’t allow HTTPS for their custom domain users. But recently Google updates brings larges change. Now you can use free SSL in blogger custom domain.

When BlogSpot didn’t allow HTTPS, then we need to use CloudFlare free SSL service. But no need it from now. Because blogger give you free and great from now.

Why we need SSL certificate?

There have various reason why actually need HTTPS for our blog. We can use both free or paid SSL service to our blog. In fact, that can’t matter for ranking. But we must have a secure HTTPS connection to protect users data (such credit cards info, personal details).

There are various common and definitive cause to use SSL certificate for blogger. Just know them right now:

1) Google brings some major ranking matter for webmasters. You must have an free/premium HTTPS to your blog.


2) When a reader sending some important information to your site (like Credit Card info, Bank details, Email etc) they must need secure for that. Otherwise, their information will be hacked. For that reason, Google bring another algorithm update for SSL.


3) Blogger HTTPS redirect readers to secure, encrypted version of your website. That make them totally safe. If you have enabled HTTPS in Blogspot, then your blog is safe for everyone.

How to Enable Free SSL in Blogspot?

Before using this facilities, you need to activate your Blogger Draft option in settings. For this feature, you must go Settings > User settings > Blogger draft > Yes > Save settings.

Now you are successfully activated this option. But you also can go direct Blogger Draft Here. That no need to activate this feature.


Now step for setup Blogspot Free HTTPS service.

1. Go to settings > Basic > HTTPS.

2. Now go to HTTPS Availability and choose YES.

When you activate this setting, Google show you that requested and pending. So, you need to wait till SSL activation. After activation, you blog automatically show that when anyone visit. To activate that, you need to wait few minutes or hours.

3. After activate the feature, you must select HTTPS redirect. Because when you readers come to it’s http version, they automatically redirect to new secure version. So, just choose YES and finally save settings.

4. And finally your blogspot blog now have free SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt. Now you blog readers private information will be secure, SEO ranking will boost fast. However, your blog now completely secure from scammers.

Before Setup SSL/HTTPS, Know Something

1. If you want to use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in your running blog, you ranking may be harm for few days. So, be careful for using in your already ranked blog.

2. You traffic will be lost due to ranking lost. So, just keep in mind that matter.

3. If you doesn’t want to lost your traffic, ranking etc, you must install SSL before launching website. Because it’s gone totally new site and never effect your SEO.

4. You free SSL will be activated automatically by Google. Which provided by Let’s Encrypt corporation.

5. If you are using Blogspot free HTTPS, it never shown your company name. Just shown provider name. But don’t worry, it’s okay. Just carry on.

What you learn?

Blogger (Blogspot) most popular and largest competitors of WordPress. You can start your blog in blogspot and enable free ssl https certificate for custom domain. That save your extra money and increase Google ranking. Just do it perfectly and shine your blogging career. If your blog doesn’t have SSL, you can’t boost rank on Google. Just activate HTTPS in Blogger and make SEO more advance.