Covid-19 Live Data

Bing COVID-19 data includes confirmed, fatal, and recovered cases from all regions, updated daily in a .csv file. If there is an update or correction to already-published data, the data file will be updated accordingly. To ensure the stability of the data we share, it will be released with a 24-hour delay.

What are the sources of the data?

We collect data from multiple trusted, reliable sources, including the World Health Organization (WHO)Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), national and state public health departments, BNO News24/7 Wall St., and Wikipedia.

How can I use this data?

This information is available strictly for educational and academic purposes, such as medical research, government agencies, and academic institutions. Data used or cited in publications should include an attribution to ‘Bing COVID-19 Tracker’ with a link to

Why is data missing or inconsistent for some regions

Bing COVID Widget

Why did Bing release this widget?

As the coronavirus impacts the world, we recognize the need to share the latest information outside of Bing. This widget will allow any site to easily add an outbreak map, the latest case counts, and a chart displaying the spread over time. These elements are modular, giving sites the ability to customize them.

Where is the data from and how often does it update?

The widget refreshes approximately every ten minutes with data from an aggregate of sources Bing is consuming. Data may not change with every refresh.

What is available in the widget?

There are three elements in the widget: an Outbreak Map Module, showing the worldwide spread of the virus, a Data Stats Module, which displays the case count information for a given location, and a Trends Chart Module showing the spread of the virus in a location over time.


Depending on the widget configuration desired, you can display all or some subset of these modules. The modules are also responsive, adjusting the width for optimal mobile and desktop experiences. There are parameters to further customize the location and language displayed in the widget.

How can I embed the widget on my site?

By using the widget you agree to be subject to the terms of use. You’ll need to add just two lines of HTML code. The code for the widget, including multiple examples, can be found on the widget GitHub page.