WordPress and Blogger most popular and leading CMS platform. Every newbie bloggers confused that which is the better in Blogger vs WordPress war. But there have simple solution for this issue. To get your answer, you must read this A to Z blogging guide tutorial. Otherwise your confusion never solved and you won’t able to choose the right blogging platform to start your blogging.

In this post, I wanna share some important point about WordPress vs Blogspot platform. Both of them are interesting and amazing for you. But here I share details for you and you can choose any of them as your blogging partner. Just use common sense and success on these platforms.

Blogger (Blogspot) Platform

Blogspot most popular free blogging platform for everyone. You can here get up to 15GB free storage and build your awesome website. If you are newbie and make your first blog with it, then I recommended to choose blogspot. Because no need to paid here for any hosting or domain. Just sign in using Google account, login blogger and create a blog.

Benefits of Blogger Blogs

If you think to start your blog using blogspot, you are welcome. Because Google gives you many facilities for free. In fact, you can enjoy SEO facilities, free templates and many more must have features. See the prime features of blogspot from bellow:

#1. Free Web Hosting: Blogger give free hosting storage for everyone. You can get 15GB free in every Google account. Just create a blogspot website for free and enjoy unlimited free hosting with unlimited bandwidth.


#2. Free Sub-domain: You will get one free sub-domain based blog and that totally great thing. You able to create up to 100 website each Gmail. You sub-domain based blog will be yourwebsite.blogspot.com.


#3. Free SSL Certificate: Blogger released free HTTPS for their users. You will get SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt for free of cost. That helps to boost SEO and make your whole blog secure from hackers.

#4. Custom Domain: You able to add Top Level Domain (TLD) in your blogger blog like https://www.bloggercause.com easily. Just purchase an custom domain and add to your blogspot blog. But making mistakes here, your blog can show error pages sometimes. So be careful when doing custom domain.

#5. Unlimited Blogger Templates: Blogspot has limited default templates for their users. But your able to upload unlimited free blogger templates and make your blog user friendly. But you must choose only high rated and trusted sellers only. Otherwise they can hack your blog.


#6. SEO Benefits: Search Engine Optimization most important chapter of blogging. You can boost your SEO signals easily and drive huge organic traffic from Google. In fact, Google can give many more future facilities for blogspot users.

#7. Earn Money: If you are using blogger, you can monetize your blog using Adsense. Simply put your adsense ads and start making money today. But you must avoid spam blogs and it may causes for getting Adsense banned. However, you can use both blogger vs wordpress for making money is great chance.

#8. Easy Customization Panel: You can customize your blogger layout using simple menu. Because Google give this features for everyone and you can make your templates user friendly.

Disadvantage of Blogger

YES! There have many facilities of this platform. But here you miss many things of blogging. Let’s discover these features from bellow:

#1. Limited SEO Facilities: Although it’s services by Google, here you get free SEO benefits. But you never boost more thing here. In fact, there is no SEO plugin for blogger. You need to do everything manually using custom SEO tags. Which waste your important times.

#2. No Plugins: WordPress has unlimited free and premium plugins to boost blogging experience. But blogger doesn’t have any plugin. In fact, they doesn’t support this and you will missing from many amazing features.

#3. URL Archive: If you follow, you will see that, there have long URL format. Because they cache post published year and month in URL. That makes long post URL also. After writing your post, the URL format will https://yoursite.blogspot.com/2018/12/your-post-name-sample.html and it’s not SEO friendly.

#4. Everything in One Coding: Blogger HTML templates doesn’t support part by part coding. For that, you never hide any specific item or parts from here. Theft can easily crack your theme and made same website and make them as your prime competitor.

#5. No Better Sitemap: Blogger using boring sitemap format for their SEO. For that, bloggers doesn’t feel to boost their SEO. But blogger sitemap one of the short and no need to generate using any online tools.

WordPress Platform

There have many Content Management System (CMS) based website builder software. But WordPress most popular and leading of them. Because of, almost 12% of internet website build with WordPress. You can choose this platform without any confusion.

WordPress Features

If you want to make your website with WordPress, you are welcome also. Because it’s one of the great thing and open source software for everyone. In fact, you can make almost every kinds website in this platform.

#1. Unlimited Themes: In the WordPress gallery, you able to download unlimited free themes for make your website responsive, SEO friendly and ultra fast. You also able to use unlimited premium WP themes from external sources. I suggest to use premium themes to make your blog more professional.

#2. Unlimited Plugins: You can make your blog smart and increase features by installing WP important plugins. These are the prime benefits of WordPress and it’s make it king of blogging platform.

#3. SEO Plugins: Yoast and All In One SEO Pack most popular SEO plugin to make your blog SEO friendly. They help to rank on Google and drive traffic. In fact, you can make your on-page great and it’s most and most important point of SEO.

#4. Free and Premium Hosting: You able to make free website using WordPress.com & build premium blogs using WordPress.org. I personally recommended to use premium one. Because here you can get unlimited features with your own control.

#5. Easy Admin Panel: You able to customize your whole blog here. Make blog comfortable to all and increase your blog speed. However, you can manage whole blog from here. Add or remove unwanted widgets plugins also from here.

Disadvantage of WordPress

It’s true that WordPress is the king of blogging platform. That make our blogging too easy. But you also face some problems here.

#1. Too Costly: If you start here, you must need to purchase domain & hosting. If you have too many traffic, then you must upgrade your plan basic to advance.

#2. Installation Problem: There have step by step process to install your WordPress. You must save these username and password for next time usage. But recently there have many third party apps to install one click. But they are too risky.

#3. Advance Level Knowledge: Blogger has basic thing and no need any knowledge. But you must have advance level idea to start your blog. If there have any mistakes, then you failure in blogging.

WordPress vs Blogger, Who is King?

After this discussion, everybody earned clear idea about both of these platform. Both them have excellent features and demerits also. After all, both of these are really nice for everyone for blogging.

But if we discuss neat and clean, we will see that WordPress has most popular features, facilities and many more features. That make blogging too easy and help to success easily. Blogger doesn’t help in this side. However, you able to install unlimited plugins and themes, which never give any grantee in blogger.

Winner is WordPress!

End Words

Both of them has awesome and attractive features to build website. But if we discuss deeply, then we saw that in this Blogger vs WordPress war, WordPress is the winner for it’s unlimited features. For that, 12% of internet website build with WordPress CMS platform. So, start blog with WordPress and success in blogging.