There have almost thousands of way to make money blogging. All of these increase every bloggers profit, revenue and their heights. Every beginners also try to getting highest success like them.

But you must work hard before it. Because these success bloggers also work hard and still today. There are no easy way to making revenue around the world. But if you walk with right way, success only for you. Because it’s platform of blogging..

In this article, I want to share 9 blogging earning tips and tricks which actually important for every blogger. This post important for both beginner and expert bloggers. Because it’s elite post for both of them.

9 Tips to Make Money Blogging

So guys, if you want to start earning money with blogging, you must take care following 9 killer methods. Choose one of theme which perfect for yourself. Just start anyone of these and monetize your blog. It will double your money very fast.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Around the blogging world, affiliate marketing is king. There has no competitors and like this way. You can earn unlimited money using affiliate program. Because there has no limit that how much you make. Most of expert bloggers first target is earn from affiliate blog.


If you have a affiliate based blog, no need huge traffic for getting money. Some quality traffic can bring treasure of money. Because they came your blog only for know any products details. After reading, they interested to buy this product.


There have million private affiliate company which offer you with greedy revenue. But most of bloggers first choose is getting Amazon affiliate partner. Because they paid highest revenue over the online. If you have at least 1000-1500 visitor in your Amazon affiliate blog, you can make minimum $800 per month.

So Guess, what’s the demand of affiliate and why success bloggers take that. If you catch it, you will success on Affiliate Marketing.

2. Google Adsense

Previously I said that expert bloggers target affiliate. But all kinds of bloggers dream is getting an Adsense account. Because they pay high CPC rate to their publishers. In fact, you can earn up to $100 per ad click. So, it’s another smart way to double earning by blogging.


Here you can earn more then affiliate. If you have high CPC keyword based blog, you can easily make huge dollar every month.

Adsense pay their publishers after month. So, there have great way to getting your earning easily. Using your adsense blog, you can make up to $50,000,00 per month. Maximum success bloggers main target is Google Adsense. Because they able to make money using Adsense and it’s share 68% revenue to them.

3. Selling Sponsored Posts

Some bloggers find for publishing paid articles to boost traffic. If you have enough traffic blog, then you can invite them and publish their own post to your blog. That can help boost their traffic + rankings. Because they give some dofollow backlinks from your blog.

Now a days, most of popular blogs publish sponsored or guest articles. Because they earning lot and increase their audience also.

If you want to double your earnings, you also can offer people about their premium posts. For that, they contact with you and you will earn more. By selling these types pro articles, you can earn monthly $1000 or more. Which is not actually bad.

4. Provide SEO Services

I discuss about affiliate marketing, adsense which great point to earning. But high level bloggers think that, selling SEO services can make millionaire within few year. If you have an SEO industry, you can sell your SEO guide tutorials, SEO tools or other exclusive services.

Everybody know that, MOZ one of the most popular SEO service provider. They not using any affiliate links or any adsense ads. They sold their SEO tools to boost their earnings. They have already huge customers which make them amazing. You also can do this.

5. Writing Articles

Do you know about the blogging for money? I hope you know. Because this is the final thing of every blogger. Maximum of blogger know only money from blogging. Because it’s real meaning of their writing.

There have almost thousand way to earn from online. Writing contents to others blog, another way to take money. There have many blogs who paid for your writing. Just contact them, register with their website and know how to write.

You can write for them and they will paid for every post. You can get paid for each post or monthly post. So, just make yourself as great content writer and build million money.

6. Sell Your E-book

E-book one of the greatest version of book. We can read now any books in our computer or smartphone. You can now build e-book and upload in your blog. Write some interesting and definitive description about these e-book and sell online.

There have many website who help you to sell these books. You also can build your own e-book website. Because these are yours and you can sell directly to readers. Just choose most trending topic to build and enjoy more sale.

7. Sell Video Tutorial (Course)

In this modern era, everything is found in online. Now a day, people do not go any training center. Because they got everything online. They learn anything exactly from video course. These course really helpful and people learn accurate things which they actually need.

You can now make video course to any specific niche. That helps to customers getting easily. Upload these videos to your website. For that, people easily find your video and interested to buy. You must upload some free and demo video for customers.

You also can upload your videos to YouTube and earn from adsense. Because YouTube adsense pay high rate for their important users.

8. WordPress Theme Development

WordPress CMS day by day getting popularity. In fact, it’s already most popular website building tool for everyone. To make WordPress website great, super fast, SEO friendly and amazing, there need to use theme. If you know building WP theme, then you can sell these on marketplace.

You can sell these themes or templates on ThemeForest and earn huge money every month. You also can sell on your own website which actually nice idea.

9. Sell WordPress Plugin

To make WordPress blog amazing, brings extra feature and greedy, plugins do something special. Beside themes, they also important for optimize or customize your blog. There have huge premium plugin provider and they sold these to bloggers. Everyone can make their blog faster, advanced features and many by using best WordPress plugins. So, start developing your own plugin.


There have great chance to make money blogging and become rich. If you need to earn revenue from blog, you must follow these 9 tactics. Because these are king of monetize your blog. Just start your blog, drive traffic or rank Google, then start earning!