Search Engine Optimization (SEO) depends on various things. Both on-page and off-page techniques always follow some specific method. Social bookmarking most important tactics of them. Because they increase your social signal and that’s important thing for SEO.

Having too many social shares, increase your social trust flow. Google like that thing and give ranking fast. There have many dofollow social bookmarking website. But no need to use these social submission. Because only few website enough for your accurate ranking.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Sharing your blog posts or pages to social network, called social bookmarking. Basically social media have lot’s traffic and ranking. If anyone share their sites, then they got huge traffic and also increase their social signal. That absolutely impressive for more ranking on search engine.

Why social signal important?

Google always believe in your blog trust flow. Social website give these trust score and help to boost your ranking. Too many social share, too many authority and more traffic. This is the great technique of SEO. If you never follow, you can’t success in blogging. In fact, you get huge traffic from these source also. Just highlights your contents in social media and drive extra traffic to boost earnings, rankings and SEO priority.

7 DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites List (2018)

You just choose these 7 networks and no need to use others. Because they have enough Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). In fact, they give you high PR dofollow links. Which important backlink source also.



Reddit also called as the front page of the internet. This is the leading bookmarking website which allow users to post articles, images and links. Reddit has DA 99 and that awesome for every blogger. You just need to register in their website, complete your profile (not important), submit your blog link. But you must give the exact category, otherwise you will be got banned. You also must post regularly. Do not post too many times daily.


Post Karma important fact of reddit. Just comments others posts, earn more karma. Too many karma helps to boost your visibility in this platform.

2) Google Plus

Google has official social media platform called Google+. You can now share your posts, images or links here. To boost your traffic, you can use this amazing social media. Because it’s treasure of traffic. Google has DA 100 which actually awesome. You can get high PR dofollow backlinks from here. You must complete your profile first and then share your posts. Because incomplete profile looking spam.


Everybody know about this high authority social media. Because it’s specially popular for it’s image sharing. In fact, you can find related photos here and get exact matched results. They use cookie to give you excellent image results. You can share your blog images and get traffic from this platform.


It has DA 99 and huge traffic everyday. Just join yourself in this platform and create a board. Then share everyday unique photos with link. But do not make spam here. Because you can may got banned for it.


That is the name of smart blogging and also Web 2.0. You can create here your sub-domain based social platform. In fact, you can just create excellent profile by complete their rules. If you share your blog posts, then you will get high authority backlink. Which awesome way to get social signal.

Tumbler has DA 94 and it effect to boost your SEO. Google never like spam and Tumbler also. Just build some web 2.0 here smartly and drive link juice.


In this modern internet age, there have various smart social media. You can say Delicious one of them. This interesting platform has DA 98 and it’s totally fantastic for every users. It is the alternative solution of getting backlinks safely. Because there has no risk and you can increase your social signal by submitting your blog posts here. You also can share your images and give perfect photo credit.


Every bloggers know that, more share, more traffic, more ranking. You can do it here in StumbleUpon. Because they have DA 97 and it’s actually excellent. If there have something special to drive traffic, you can think it’s this. In fact every year, expert bloggers drive almost million and million traffic from StumbleUpon. If you not thinking about this, you actually missing huge traffic. Because it’s one of the truck of visitors. Just drive them to your blog.


Getting backlinks from social submission sites, one of the turning point for SEO. Because social traffic most powerful and it’s effect to boost rankings. Digg one of the powerful, oldest and high PR platform. Because they have enough traffic, DA 95 and exactly method to get dofollow backlinks. Only foolish bloggers can forget that website and experts drive secret traffic. But why you not?


Previously I share most powerful and leading social blogs. But this also important for having it’s DA 95. If you have at least 1 social backlinks from Slashdot, then you are lucky. Because Google highly like and give ranking for this valued backlink. But you must be regular user of them and comment others post. After 5-7 days, you can start submitting your blog links. But share 1-2 per day. That’s it!


Finally I want to share most surprising social platform and this is Scoop. It’s too many special for expert bloggers. Because they clearly know which is this. Because it has DA 92 and most valued traffic from search engine. If you like sharing links, then you can confidently choose this network. Because your share never fails to rank fast Google. But never make spam by share too many posts. Just smartly use this awesome platform and get instant SEO success.


So, finally what you learn from this article? I sure, you already know the benefits of social bookmarking sites and how they actually works. Never forget these 7 platform anyway. There have too many website to share your links. But these is the ultimate and nicely works for every blog. So, take care your blog and share on these networks!