Google officially announced that loading fast blog may rank first. That means, if you increase blog loading speed, that can double your SEO ranking. There are several causes which can help you to reduce website speed. But before starting your blog, just find out them and get success.

There has many specific reason which causes for increase loading time. That highly disturb your readers and they exit your blog. These is the prime reason to increase your page bounce rate also. It’s another important factor for Google ranking.

We already know that both Google and Bing using page speed as their major ranking factor. So, you must care that matter which brings your largest success in blogging.

Today I will share which reason actually harms your blog speed. Just solve them and see what’s happening!

13 Tips to Increase Blog Loading Speed

Most of bloggers know that WordPress plugins important for better experience. These include extra features for readers. But we must carefully use that matter and also knock others. Because here change to harm website speed. If you are newbie or expert blogger, then you can just follow these few magical tricks to enhance your blog speed!


1. Use Better WordPress Hosting

Most of newbie and expert blogger take wrong decision when they purchasing hosting plan. But if they choose correct plan, that can brings lot’s of success for their valued blog. As a blogger, it’s most sensitive. If you make mistakes here, you can’t ahead for others.


You must select super fast WordPress hosting provider for better speed. There have huge hosting service provider who promise you to give fasted hosting. But before choosing them, you must verify them. Because most of providers tell that their server 100% up time. But actually they are not.

So, you must see their terms and conditions as well as possible. But basically, 80% of hosting supplier promise that they have 99.99% up time server. That’s ok and you also can choose them. But another thing that, before select them, just read their reviews from customers.

2. Use Super Fast WordPress Theme

If you’re using WordPress, it’s important to use better theme. Because of, it can make your blog looking nice, responsive and fast. There have million of free and premium themes for your blog. I personally suggest you to use premium WP themes for you blog.


You can use MyThemeShop premium themes. Which really fastest and best for any blogs. There have 100+ fully responsive, SEO ready and speed optimized themes. You can use Schema theme for better result. Because most of success blogger thinks that it’s super fast for all blogs.

3. Remove Too Many Ads

Without earning, blogging is valueless. And we must use ads for making revenue using blogs. But using too many advertisement in our blog, totally harmful for it’s speed.

You must need to use limited ads to your website. You can use codes in sidebar, beginning of post & end of post. That formula I’m using! But one more thing that, using Pop Under Ads totally harmful for blog SEO ranking. That can make a penalty also! There have many trusted ad partner for make money online. You just choose them and success in blogging.

4. Delete Unnecessary Plugins

If you’re using WordPress, then plugins can give better experience. That make your blog easy and comfortable to readers. There have many excellent plugin which really impressive and always be better. But you must take care when installing them. Because if you choose wrong, that can increase blog speed. Which highly bad for SEO. In fact, installing too many plugins also bad for your website. If you want to a successful blogger, you must use limited but excellent plugins.

5. Solve HTML Errors

With HTML, a blog is nothing. So it’s important for every blog. But if your HTML coding has many errors such wrong places, bad text etc, that can harms your blog speed. In fact, that is the bad sign for Search Engine Optimization ranking. If you’re a expert it’s easy to solve that problem. But if you’re not coding expert, then hire from online then solve desire problem. It can highly help you to making better speed and reduce also!

6. Choose CDN Service

Content Delivery Network (CDN) one of the most important fact for speed. Because that matter can decrease your 50% of blog speed. Which is the another turning point of any blog. But now you can ask me that What is CDN?

Right Question!

There have many data center for every hosting server. When you visiting a website of this server, they connect you their nearest data center. That can help you to connect their server very fast.

Such as, you are visiting a blog from London. Which server’s website you using, if their data center located nearest you, then it collect data from this. It’s called CDN service! You must choose a CDN plan for you blog. There have many CDN service provider for you. They supply various rates with various facilities. You also can use free services as your wish. But I personally commended you to your premium services. Because it’s help you to boost your blog speed.

7. Compress Images Before Upload

Using media files to your article, good signal for image SEO. It’s help to boost Google ranking quickly. But you must follow some specific rules when you uploading images in your articles. Before upload them, compress and then use. You can use compressor plugin to do it automatically.

You also can manually do it from your PhotoShop. In fact, you also can compress photos online. But which the file format? JPEG for best for uploading. PNG files another role of web image formats.

Just use these two types and make your blog faster. Never upload more 70KB files which highly important for blog experience. Another great matter is image size. You can use any size photos for posts. But never use too large, because it’s can harm your rankings badly. From my personal experience, I suggest to use less then 800 pixel images. That’s better and awesome!

8. Install Best Cache Plugin

When a reader read your blog, your blog save cache of them. If there have many traffic or few, it full cache history. Which another reason for slow your website. But there have a nice solution for lifetime.

You can install a WordPress cache plugin and activate that perfectly. That help you to remove cache after few moments or days. But another thing that, there have many plugin at free or premium. You can choose premium of them for best result. Free plugin not bed but not recommended for yourself!

9. Use Embedded Videos

Uploading videos or audios highly decrease your performance. It is the causes for load a too long time. That can highly disturb your valued traffic. You never upload videos to your own website or blog. Because it can’t bring good result anyway. Always use embedded videos from YouTube.

Why I’m indicate about YouTube? Because this is the king and leading video sharing platform also. It can also help you to grow your web ranking. All through YouTube is Google’s, so it plus point for any blogger. Always use embedded and relevant videos and make your blog faster!

10. Do Not Use Slider

There have many mistakes which made by bloggers. If you still using sliders, then it’s increase your blog bounce rate and harms SEO. Using slider in homepage, one of the greatest and common blog speed mistakes. Because it’s highly takes long time to access your website.

Most of themes or templates have slider as their default. Close these default options from theme menu and boost your website speed. But if you’re not finding the customization option, you can contact theme supplier who can help you better. You can ask them to send step by step guide or screenshot. That’s be better for yourself. But maximum of theme theme has easy option for activate or deactivate slider.

11. Keep Your WordPress Up to Date

Your website most valuable for your readers. Because they getting various informative things here. But you must keep your blog up to date. Update posts regularly and add more text in old posts. It’s old idea and every bloggers share that.

Not only that, you also must keep your WordPress up to date. Because if you’re using old version, that can harm for speed. You can activate WordPress auto updates option in your cPanel. When the new updates available, it automatically updates and make your blog great faster. Every success and brilliant blogger follow this amazing technique. So, why you not?

12. Keep Few Posts in Homepage

Most of newbie bloggers, in fact experts also ask that how to make website load faster? This is right question from them and most important also. Because speed most important Google ranking factor. Which must be obey and never forget this issue. There have various issue about this and previously I discussed!

If you are using too many posts in your blog homepage, that dangerously harm your speed. Because that can causes for loaded homepage very slowly. And slowly means which effect? Put few post in your blog homepage and that enough. Use maximum 6-7 post in your homepage. If you use more less, that be greater also!

13. Reduce JavaScript Uses

Without JavaScript, there have some gap of any blog. But using many JavaScript coding, highly harm blog loading time. Always use too less codes as possible. In fact, you can minify them before use. Another great thing is, always use these harmful java coding in your blog bottom option. That can help to load your website super fast. If you not expert in coding, ask for help in expert or hire them. You can join coding forum for learning basic level coding.


Finally I want to said that, every blogger must know about Google’s SEO. There have various factors to get ranking in SERP. If you increase your blog loading speed, that can go you one more step. Which highly helpful for getting traffic from search engine.

I hope you understand the whole speed matter. But if you don’t understand, please ask me in comment. Then I will give the reply..